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Trinity Ordnance has what you need.

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Looking for gun stores in Fort Worth, TX? Trinity Ordnance is your best choice for quality firearms, parts and accessories.

Our gun store sells a full range of firearms. Rifle platforms from the AR15 and AK47, to other semi automatic tactical guns. How about concealed carry handguns? We have those too!

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Need a gun repair? Have a firearm issue? With more than 50 years experience, Gunsmith Big Dave can fix anything!

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FFL transfers for only $35. Ask about other discounts for military or LEO.

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What ever you need, if we don't have it in stock, we can order it for you. Guaranteed!

What Our Clients Say

Trinity Ordnance Reviews

Been doing business at Trinity Ordnance for 8+ years and it’s an easy #1 for me. - The cerakote is amazing, the prices are on par with online and they never turn down a fella making a trade offer. You have got to stop in AT LEAST once. New and used guns, cerakote examples, and fun stuff to look at.

Daniel F


Visiting from out of state. Been professionally carrying a gun for 30 years. Stopped in to look at pistols for my daughter who lives here. The guys at the shop where very friendly and helpful. Liked the vibe we got and will be back. Neat shop.

George M


Great gun store! They're very friendly and treat women with respect. They answered all my questions and really helped me understand what I need to protect myself. No other gun store in the Fort Worth area has been as helpful as they are.

Ginger B.


How did we get the name for our Fort Worth area gun store? We get that question a lot. Ordnance comes from an old military term. Loosely defined, it deals with the supplying, storing, and distribution of firearms and firearm accessories. We thought it would be a great word for a gun store, especially with our personal military heritage. Trinity comes from the Trinity River that spans the Fort Worth area. So, what better name for a gun store in Fort Worth than Trinity Ordnance? It defines the products we offer in our gun shop in a unique way by using a name that has some substance to it. It’s a heritage we are proud of.

Your Gun Store

Although we put a lot of thought into our name, what really defines us is the way we treat and respect our valued customers. The most important thing isn’t our gun shop’s name, it’s our reputation that we have earned over the last 10+ years. It’s a reputation we plan on keeping by continually offering the best products and customer service in the firearms industry. When you think of a gun store, that isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but customer service is the first thing that comes to our minds the very minute we turn the key to open our store and gun range each and every day. The kind of customer service you simply won’t find at the “big box” chain stores.

Customer Service

We sell a wide variety of firearms and products in the gun parts and accessories industry, but one thing that isn’t up for sale is our integrity. Our customer service is second to none. Each product that bears the Trinity Ordnance logo comes with a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee.

We carry a full line of firearms for personal and home defense. We have shotguns, rifles, and handguns to be tailored to everyone’s personal needs, and the gun accessories to give them your personal taste. More importantly, we have the product knowledge to guide you with any questions you might ask across the gun counter. That’s what you should expect from a veteran owned and operated gun store. We’ll even guide you with your best concealed carry options.