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Who has the best gunsmith service near me in the Fort Worth area? People who know “Big Dave” will tell you his reputation and team are second to none. For over 50 years customers have trusted Dave with their firearms, and you will too.

We are proud to have Big Dave as our certified gunsmith for all your gun repair needs. Dave has been serving at this location since it was formerly Elk Castle. For your gunsmithing needs, Dave and his team have you covered anywhere from tough firearm repairs to giving your firearm the best custom Cerakote design you want.

We pride ourselves in offering fast, affordable, and reliable gunsmith services to all of the Fort Worth area. The Trinity Ordnance gunsmith team are experts in designing, building, modifying, refurbishing, and repairing all types of firearms. Our team is known for their knowledge of weapon designs and mechanics. And you can rest assured your firearm will be treated with the latest in industry standards for factory-level repairs, custom Cerakote or our newest offering of KG coatings. We can guide you with what fits your needs the best.

Gunsmith Services | Fast Onsite Work & Affordable Pricing


Firearm cleaning
Barrel chop and threading
Stock adjustment & fitting
Recoil pad fitments
Parts Machining
Headspace inspections


Scope mounting
Optics Bore sighting and zeroing
Hot bluing
KG Coatings now offered!


Fire damage/insurance claims


We offer the best custom Cerakoting and KG Coatings!

See a small sampling below of examples we’ve made here at this gun store. (Click on each photo to see it full size)

If you’re a firearm enthusiast wanting to take your gun collection to the next level, custom Cerakote is the answer! Cerakote is a specialized coating that allows you to customize your firearms in the most cool and fun ways imaginable. Not only does it provide a wide variety of vibrant colors and finishes to choose from, but it also offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear.

So, whether you want to add a unique touch to your favorite firearm or completely transform its look, Cerakote is the ultimate solution for all your customization needs. Get ready to turn heads at the gun range with your stunning, personalized masterpiece!


Trinity Ordnance offers a broad category of custom gun builds and modifications for a wide range of firearms to fit your individual taste and needs. We offer gun customization for all brands of revolvers, rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Many people are unaware they can have guns designed for their specific purpose. There are almost endless possibilities as a result of advancements in the industry. Our professional staff can assist you with any questions you might have.

Custom AR-15 builds are one of the most common firearms we do.  Known for their versatility, accuracy, and reliability AR-15 builds are the most popular rifles in America. With a wide range of accessories and parts available, you can customize your AR-15 build any way you want, very easily. This customization can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the firearm, making it a desirable option for consumers and professionals alike.

One key reason why individuals may choose to customize their AR-15 build is to improve its performance. By installing specialized parts and accessories, such as upgraded triggers, barrels, or sights, shooters can enhance accuracy, increase range, and improve overall handling. For competitive shooters, these modifications can make a significant difference in their performance by providing a tailored platform that meets their specific shooting requirements.

Another reason for customizing an AR-15 is to adapt it to different shooting environments or purposes. The modular nature of the AR-15 allows users to easily swap out parts and add accessories that suit various applications, such as hunting, home defense, or tactical operations. For example, adding a collapsible or adjustable stock allows for better maneuverability in tight spaces, while a rail system enables the attachment of various accessories like lights, lasers, and grips, further enhancing its versatility.

Furthermore, customization allows individuals to express their personal style and preferences. Many AR-15 enthusiasts take pride in their firearms and enjoy creating a unique, personalized firearm that stands out from the crowd. From choosing a specific color scheme, engraving, or adding decorative elements, customization offers individuals the opportunity to make their rifle a reflection of their own personality and taste.

The popularity of this rifle platform, coupled with the vast range of parts and accessories available, provides a compelling motivation for individuals to customize their firearm. Whether it’s to enhance performance, adapt to different shooting scenarios, or express personal style, customization offers a myriad of benefits for AR15 owners.

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