Indoor Shooting Range – Forth Worth, TX

fort worth gun range

Shooting Range – 7 Pistol lanes

Our state-of-the-art public indoor shooting range is an integral part of Trinity Ordnance. We find it an honor that our gun range attracts shooters from all around the greater Fort Worth area. Gun enthusiasts of all types travel to visit our shooting range because of the laid back atmosphere. That is a badge we wear with pride. The gun range at our Fort Worth gun shop is specific at 25 yards. We feature:

  • On-site range masters at all times
  • 7 lanes with automatic target placement
  • Best shooting range near me qualified
  • Knowledgeable staff that answers your questions
  • On-site gunsmith services
  • Targets and ammo for sale on site with competitive pricing
  • Ask about our Shooting Range Membership Packages and specials

The gun range is open all hours that the store is open. No reservations are required.

Gun Range Classes & Activities

Shooting ranges are very important because they are a safe place to practice shooting skills and improving firearm safety. You’ll become more comfortable with your firearm as you practice and develop your shooting skills.

Trinity Ordnance offers a variety of shooting and gun classes throughout the year. You can learn about gun safety, basic firearm handling and can improve your confidence around weapons. You can ask our professional staff questions or just meet new people who are shooting enthusiasts.

Trinity Ordnance Gun Range Safety Rules, Enforcement, and Liability Waiver

This Trinity Ordnance Shooting Range waiver must be signed before using our facility. Download it here now, or get a copy to sign at the gun desk. See a sample of the waiver below.

You are entering private property. All entrants must always obey rules of our gun store. We reserve the right to check firearms, to disarm you, refuse service, or remove anybody from club property.

All firearms brought into the range must be unloaded and actions locked open, unless you are a Texas LTC holder. All ammunition will be inspected prior to entering the facility.

  • ANYONE at ANYTIME may call a “Cease Fire”. If something or someone is unsafe, immediately call a “Cease Fire”.
  • IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, call a “Cease Fire” and call 911 IMMEDIATELY.
  • No rapid firing or holstered firearms during family range time. Double taps are allowed with 1 second between taps. Rapid fire and tactical maneuvers permitted on the tactical areas only.
  • Safety glasses and ear protection are required to be worn by all shooters, spotters, or spectators on site.
  • Follow all instructions of the Safety Officers (RSO).
  • If you are unsure about handling your firearm, you are required to be under direct supervision of an experienced instructor or attend a basic handgun class before shooting.
  • Failure to cooperate with other shooters will not be tolerated. If there is no RSO on duty, it is up to those shooting to call Cease Fires, etc., in a cooperative manner.
  • Rimfire, centerfire and black powder firearms are allowed. Class Three (with federal stamp) firearms are permitted.
  • ALL SHOOTERS are required to check their ammunition for compliance with the staff at the facility during operating hours. Steel core (penetrator) and Bi-Metal (Steel Jacket), tracer, incendiary ammunition are unauthorized. Shooters WILL be financially responsible for damages and/or loss of revenue caused by their actions.
  • Shoot at approved paper targets from behind the firing line. Shooting non-approved targets, target stands, etc. will result in removal of the shooter from the range, and a fine of $50.00 (this must be paid before coming back to the range). If in doubt about your target, ask before using.
  • Make sure that all your rounds are hitting the catch at the rear of the range and not hitting the ground or roof.
  • Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. DO NOT touch firearms during a cease fire. Violating any of the safety rules will result in removal from the shooting area until it is determined by an RSO, that the person has a good understanding of the rules, and the reasons for the rules. Repeated violation will result in removal from the range (temporarily or permanently).
  • Alcohol, medications that impair judgment and illegal drug use are not permitted. If the RSO suspects a shooter to be under the influence, the shooter will be asked to leave. If violator is not fit to drive his/her vehicle we will call the police and violator will be charged with public intoxication.
  • If the RSO determines a person’s behavior to be a danger or threat to others, he may, at his/her discretion, take the person’s firearm(s), make them safe and temporarily confiscate them. The RSO will then escort the person to the front gate of the park and at that time return the firearm(s) to the person. This will constitute permanent loss of privileges at the range. The RSO may also contact the White Settlement PD to have a officer come to the range and issue a trespass warning to the person.
  • No smoking.

The Trinity Ordnance shooting range is located on Interstate 30 west of downtown Ft. Worth. We specialize in new and used firearms, scopes, ammunition, hand loading supplies, custom accessories, and complete Gunsmithing services.

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