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Trinity Ordnance is the area’s most innovative self-defense gun shop and shooting range in the Fort Worth area. Our Fort Worth gun shop started from the reputation it gained from being respected at every area Fort Worth gun show we attended. If you see the Trinity Ordnance banner flying high over the table, you can be assured about the quality firearms and customer service it represents.

Trinity Ordnance’s current location has quite the history for a local Fort Worth gun shop. It is more than just gun sales.

  • 1947
    Ewell Cross Gun Shop
    opened in 1947 when WWII Airman Malcolm Cross returned from duty in the Pacific to join his father, Ewell. They opened their premier gun store in the east side of Fort Worth, TX, and operated there for 31 years.
  • 1978
    Ewell Cross Gun Shop
    relocate to the fast growing west side of Fort Worth and continued to thrive for another 16 years. Despite losing his father during that time, Malcolm built a solid business with a reputation for fairness and expertise.
  • 1994
    Local businessman and gun enthusiast Eric Walsh undertook ownership and management of the store and the name was changed to Elk Castle Shooting Sports. Untold numbers of Tarrant county residents went to Elk Castle for hand guns, rifles, ammunition, accessories and training.
  • 2018
    After many years Elk Castle transformed into Intrepid Shooting Sports, where they continued to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area for their gun needs.
  • 2023
    Intrepid Shooting Sports
    has now merged with Trinity Ordnance to operate as a full service gun store and pistol gun range.

about our fort worth gun store shooting range showroom

Trinity Ordnance is located just west of downtown Ft. Worth and specializes in new and used firearms, shooting range, scopes, ammunition, a full line of accessories, and complete Gunsmithing services.

Trinity Ordnance is Ft. Worth’s premier firearms dealer. You can browse the selection of new, used, and consignment firearms, scopes and accessories, or special order an item. Feel free to drop off your own gun for customization or repair work at the gunsmith counter.

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