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Gun Sales | Buying, Selling, Trading or Consignment

In our gun sales showroom we carry a full line of firearms that can be tailored to your individual taste and needs. Keeping our gun sales showroom stocked with a wide variety of firearms is one of our top priorities. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell to us, trade or put your previously pampered gun on consignment we have you covered.

When it comes to gun sales we offer the entire gambit of revolvers, pistols, long guns and shotguns from the brand names you know and trust. We know having the right guns for sale with fast availability is a top priority for our customers so we listen closely to you, and base our stock on your feedback. If there is something you want that we don’t have our gun sales staff can assist you in getting it fast!

We also offer a wide range of gun parts and accessories to tailor your firearm to your specific likes or needs. So, we offer guns parts for a wide variety of firearm platforms for all brands of revolvers, pistols, long guns and shotguns.

At Trinity Ordnance gun sales we specialize in custom builds of AR-15/AR-10 platforms. With all the options available they are easily customized for civilian use as well as our law enforcement and first responder customers.


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Gun Parts and accesories

Sometimes deciding how to customizing your firearm can be a little tricky. With the ever increasing options of gun parts for sale in the firearms industry, making the right decisions can seem overwhelming. Our dedicated and professional staff is always happy to assist you in making the decision that is best for you.

We are dedicated to listening to you and guiding you in your decisions, not just making a sale.

One of the most frequently asked question about gun parts for sale is about a gun Silencer or gun Suppressor (same thing, different name). Our consultants can guide you through the latest developments and requirements. We even have a Silencer Shop kiosk to make your purchase easy. You don’t need to make multiple trips to obtain your gun silencer or suppressor. It’s all done just using our Silencer Shop kiosk.

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When you shop at Trinity Ordnance gun store, you will find a level of professionalism and a high-quality staff like no other gun shop in the Fort Worth area. We are very proud of our staff. They have been selected for their extensive knowledge in everything firearms related. Learn about our history here. 

Our gun store always carries quality products from top manufacturers that you know and trust. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

A commitment that Trinity Ordnance maintains is giving all our loyal customers quality products at low prices, whether it’s at an area gun show, or at our popular gun shop located in Fort Worth, TX. That’s why on any given day you will find customers stopping by the gun store just to say hi or shoot the breeze with our friendly the staff. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where both the employees and customers alike enjoy spending time with each other. “Customers are never an interruption, they are the reason we are in business”. We like treating people like family.

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